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Govt Plot Soviet False Flag Attacks - Are False Flag Attacks Russian Specialty?


As hostilities rose between Ukraine and Russia, the United States Department of Defense issued a public warning that the Russian Govt plot soviet false flag attacks, a deception operation to provide them a reason to engage in Ukraine. After this, the British foreign office made an extraordinary public proclamation claiming that the Kremlin was planning to install a subservient, pro-Russian leader in Ukraine.

Then, U.S. intelligence authorities revealed information on a Russian scheme to create a violent film to justify an assault on Ukraine. To make a case for Russian action, the movie shows fake explosions with fake bodies, actors, and mourners.

Ukraine-Russia: What is a false flag operation? | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

What Is A False Flag?

A false flag operation is a political or military operation aiming to shift blame for an incident away from the perpetrators. Many countries have gone to war because they faked an assault on their side and blamed the adversary for it.

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In the 1600s, this phrase was used to describe how pirates would fly the flag of a friendly country to trick merchant ships into letting them pass. As a practice, false-flag strikes have a deep and sad history.

Seven German SS troopers disguised as Poles assaulted the Gleiwitz radio tower in Germany the night before Germany invaded Poland. They sent out a quick broadcast announcing Polish control of the station. In 1939, disguised SS troopers assaulted the Gleiwitz radio tower. In the same year, shelling occurred near the Finnish border in the Russian settlement of Mainila.

The supposed assault was used by the Soviet Union as justification for ending their non-aggression treaty with Finland. Boris Yeltsin acknowledged the Winter Conflict was an aggressive war by the Soviet Union in 1994. Ultimately, it was the Gulf of Tonkin Affair that prompted the United States to send troops to Vietnam.

There were reports of individuals in Crimea around the time of Russia's takeover who seemed to be armed and dressed like Russian troops but lacked any official Russian insignia. Pakistan charged India with opening fire on a United Nations truck carrying peacekeepers in the disputed region of Kashmir in the year 2020.

False Flag Is Russia Specialty

With the help of the KGB, the Kremlin staged false-flag attacks in 1968 to justify Soviet military participation in Czechoslovakia. Archival evidence indicates that then-Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and KGB head Yuri Andropov fabricated events with the help of deep-cover KGB "illegals."

Before the Prague Spring, Soviet President Yuri Andropov sent 20 KGB spies to Czechoslovakia. Specifically, they were sent to the region to spy on Westerners and conduct covert action to help build a case for Soviet involvement. Their goal was to discredit reformist leaders, so they manufactured tales and pressured the media to print hostile articles against the Soviet Union.

The Soviet prime minister, Alexei Kosygin, exploited rumors of operatives and saboteurs as a pretext for an invasion. After his resignation was forced, Dubcek was sent to Moscow. The Czechoslovak government under Gustav Husak was a neo-Stalinist quisling administration imposed by Brezhnev.

Andropov hailed the Soviet intelligence operation that put an end to the Prague Spring as a major victory. Putin went to the prestigious Andropov Institute of the KGB to learn about active measures and other tradecraft.

Putin's ultimate goal is to make Russia great again, which amounts to a rebirth of the Soviet Union. Andrew Bostock says that Vladimir Putin's recent moves show that he is making a new version of the Brezhnev Doctrine.

People Also Ask

Was The Anthrax Attack A False Flag Attack?

The FBI's discovery that a military strain of the virus was used in the assaults disproved the claim that "lone nut" anthrax researcher Bruce Ivins was responsible for the attacks.

How Many Times Has The Government Admitted To False Flag Attacks?

It is well-documented that several governments have committed false flag strikes, in which they have carried out terrorist acts and then falsely blamed their enemies for political gain. The following 42 examples all include verbal or written admissions by government leaders that their government carried out the assault or seriously considered one.

Why Is It Called A False Flag Attack?

A "false flag" assault occurs when an enemy flag is flown in place of the flag of the ship's true nation. Indeed, this idea is so widely recognized that it is explicitly forbidden under naval, aviation, and ground rules of engagement. The threat posed by false flags has been recognized by world leaders at all times.

Final Words

Britain and the United States believe Russia is plotting "false flag" strikes in eastern Ukraine to provide a reason for an invasion. The Russian-backed separatists have already asked people to leave the areas they have taken over, and they have accused the Ukrainian military of many strikes that don't seem to make sense.

A false flag operation is a complicated and possibly excessively dramatic undertaking, drawing unnecessary attention to the plot. Challenges for governments aiming to influence public opinion have increased dramatically since the turn of the century. Leaders who want to create a reason to go to war can do so in less drastic and cheaper ways than by launching false flag attacks.

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