Land Of The Free? Iraq War Veteran Facing Over 20 Years In Prison For Illegal Pistol Magazines


41-Year-old Simeon D. Mokhiber, of Niagara Falls N.Y., was convicted April 21 on three felony counts of possessing “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.”

Mr. Mokhiber, a nine-year veteran in the U.S. Army, participated in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and later worked as a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also previously licensed as an armed security guard in New York.

On April 18th 2016, Mr. Mokhiber was pulled over for speeding. Although he had not been drinking, police accused him of being intoxicated and asked him to perform field sobriety tests, which Mr. Mokhiber refused, a misdemeanor in New York.

When he asked the officers turn on their body cameras, Mr. Mokhiber was arrested and his vehicle was searched.

According to police, they found three 17-round Glock handgun magazines in a locked container.

Mr. Mokhiber legally owned a licensed and registered handgun that was not in the vehicle at the time of the arrest. However, he did have “high capacity” magazines in his vehicle that are illegal under New York’s SAFE law, which states that possessing an “ammunition feeding device” capable of holding more than 10 rounds is a felony carrying a maximum penalty of seven years in prison.

Despite being acquitted for the DWI charge, the jury handed down a guilty verdict for the magazines.

For this entirely victimless “crime”, a veteran is now facing 21 years in prison.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mokhiber’s case is far from unusual. Countless veterans are returning home from war only to find the ‘freedom’ they were told they were fighting for no longer exists.

Joe Robertson is one of those veterans. Robertson, a disabled veteran with PTSD is currently locked in solitary confinement for digging ponds on his own property after he was found guilty of violating the Clean Water Act.

‘If you can walk into a law library and see the countless laws that restrict human liberty and turn peaceful people into criminals, yet still believe the troops are fighting for freedom, you are refusing to accept reality.’


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