BREAKING: Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey


(RT) Today, President Donald J. Trump informed FBI Director James Comey that he has been terminated and removed from office. President Trump acted based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” said President Trump.

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation,” Trump told Comey in a letter, he was recommending the firing nonetheless.


A search for a new permanent FBI Director will begin immediately.

The firing of Comey comes days after he testified to Congress on investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election.

Earlier Tuesday, the FBI wrote to Congress to correct misstatements Comey made regarding a separate investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. Comey had testified that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin had forwarded “hundreds and thousands” of emails to her husband, former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, the FBI clarified that most of those emails had been on his laptop via backup devices, while only a few had been the result of forwarded emails, the Associated Press reported.


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