It Just Got Real — Sheriff Proposes Using The ‘Mother of all Bombs’ To Take Out Drug Dealers



Who needs a wall when you have the “Mother of All Bombs,” right? An outspoken US Sheriff in his recent controversial tweet made a suggestion on how to stop drugs coming into the US from Mexico.

The Sheriff of Butler County in the US state of Ohio, Richard Jones, called for dropping the US heavy-duty bomb on Mexican drug cartels.

“I have been saying this for 10 years. Enough is enough. This Moab can b used on Mexican drug cartel. These are good days ahead,” Jones wrote on his Twitter.

The Univision channel noted that Sheriff Jones, who happens to be an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, is not afraid to share his opinions about a tough response against Mexico.

Back in 2014, he sent a letter to the president of Mexico demanding money for the prisoners in his jail.

The response to his recent tweet included, unsurprisingly, mostly negative comments with users pointing out “That’s not how this works!”


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