Trump Orders Media Blackout At EPA: Bans Use Of Social Media, Bars New Contracts


(ZeroHedge) — The Trump administration has instituted a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants according to the AP.

Emails sent to EPA staff since President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday and reviewed by The Associated Press, detailed the specific prohibitions banning press releases, blog updates or posts to the agency’s social media accounts. On Monday, the Huffington Post reported that EPA grants had been frozen, with agency employees barred from speaking of the matter.  The memo ordering the social media blackout is shown below.


Cited by The Hill, Myron Ebell, who leads the Trump EPA transition, confirmed the freeze to ProPublica.  “They’re trying to freeze things to make sure nothing happens they don’t want to have happen, so any regulations going forward, contracts, grants, hires, they want to make sure to look at them first,” Ebell told ProPublica.

Trump’s pick for Environmental Protection Agency director, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has frequently challenged agency policy in court.

The Trump administration reportedly told the Department of the Interior to stop tweeting from its accounts over the weekend after the National Park Service’s Twitter account retweeted a post about the crowd sizes at Trump’s inauguration Friday. The agency brought back its accounts on Saturday.

As part of the Trump administration’s “temporary suspension” of all new business activities at the department, the EPA has been told to halt all contracts, grants and interagency agreements pending a review, including issuing task orders or work assignments to EPA contractors. The orders are expected to have a significant and immediate impact on Environmental Protection Agency activities nationwide.

According to Reuters, the White House sent a letter to the EPA’s Office of Administration and Resources Management ordering the freeze on Monday, an EPA staffer told Reuters. “Basically no money moving anywhere until they can take a look,” the staffer said, asking not to be named.

The EPA awards billions of dollars worth of grants and contracts every year to support programs around environmental testing, cleanups and research. It was unclear if the freeze would impact existing contracts, grants and agreements or just future ones. Myron Ebell said he believed the move was related to Trump’s executive order on Monday temporarily halting all government hiring outside the military.

Trump has promised to slash U.S. environmental regulation as a way to promote oil drilling and mining. An administration official told Reuters the president would sign two executive actions on Tuesday to advance construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, a sharp reversal from the Obama administration. Trump’s nominee to run the EPA, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, is awaiting Senate confirmation. Pruitt sued the EPA repeatedly as Oklahoma’s top prosecutor.

Trump also has drawn heavily from the energy industry lobby and pro-drilling think tanks to build its landing team for the EPA, according to a list of the newly introduced 10-member team seen by Reuters on Monday.

* * *

It appears that the first intra-agency vendetta for the new president has broken out not surprisingly with the agency that is most at risk from Trump’s upcoming policy changes, and which was catalyzed by the EPA’s role in the bizarre media scandal over the “participation” in Trump’s inaguruation rally. The EPA has yet to make an official statement.


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  2. Trump admin. is paving the way for the Koch brothers their oil pipeline. The same brothers’ network that made Trump president. Aside from the multiple billionaire zionists.

    • And you forgot one: America. You don’t really believe your government on any level, local, state, federal, has been open and forthright with you, do you? This has been going on since civilization started. Give me a break. Not to mention, this media blackout is a normal part of changing administration. Every administration has done it.

  3. I guess you people don’t value your lungs, kidneys, skin, blood, bones, brain or any other body part. What about that of your children and grandchildren? Do you value the beauty of all living things, flora and fauna, and the very ground from whence all life must get sustenance from? If they throw all the regulations away, air, water and soil will become so much more polluted again. Do you remember the burning rivers of the ’70s? The Love Canal? “Climate Change” is nothing compared to not being able to breathe because the smog is so bad. You want Beijing air? We DO need environmental regulation because God knows these greedy corporate types don’t know how to say enough is enough. They’re addicted to their cash flow just like a gambler is addicted to the “promise” that next win. And don’t call me a Liberal. I’m a Conservationist which should be synonymous with Conservative. Preserve our country to last in its full glory, not exhaust and exploit it. This shhytstorm is a slap in the face for the time and my health I gladly gave Supporting and Defending our Constitution. What did this man do towards Duty to Country? I say that about the Queen of Lies & her “can’t keep it in his pants husband,” and our recently dethroned POTUS. Good God people! We can’t find more qualified people to lead our country than these yokels? We’ll all be speaking Mandarin as a second language soon, if we don’t die from radiation or severe petrochemical poisoning first. Maybe it’s just time for “a long walk in the woods” so I can meld into the mountain forest before some ass comes along to tear them down to put up yet another WalMart filled with unneeded junk. Wake up people, before you can’t because you’ve been poisoned by your friendly Free “Anything Goes” Market.

    • What you seek is NOT the function of government, and never has been the function of any government. Government is Force. Government cannot produce anything, it can only destroy. Look at the more than 1,000 nuclear bombs that were “tested” by just the USA government alone and tell me how THAT helped the environment. Your belief in government is a dangerous superstition!

      • Who ever said anything about nuclear bombs? They are an atrocity as are chemical, and biological weapons. I’m retired from the US Navy. I hated having to go through NBC training. I am a retired Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman. My job was to help people heal, not to damage their bodies.
        I think you need to read the book Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar. You will find a huge list of things the Government produces, including the Interstate Highway system, Maps (US Geological Survey,) new strains of seeds (no not the GMO kind for profit by the monopoly corporations like Monsanto,) technology that is later released into the public sector and utilized for corporate “profit,” jobs, and much more. Granted there is plenty of Government waste, but many Corporations abuse their contracts and are not held accountable. That pisses me off. Haliburton is top of the list. There are so many “contractors” that low ball their bid for a job, then they can’t deliver on time and they go over budget. Who suffers? Military personnel who could’ve done the job they were trained to do in the first place, and they have to clean up the mess made by incompetent contractors. Ultimately the taxpayers bear the brunt of the burden through higher taxes and the enormous debt our country has. You think Democrats are the only ones to blame for our of control government spending and overreach? Ha. Look at what crazy things Republicans sneakily attach to to bills. Trump is already violating the Constitution with his gag orders, ie freedom of speech, putting our country at risk by offending other world leaders with insults and threats, and flip flopping on campaign promises about “draining the swamp” by appointing the very people who screwed our economy in the first place. He also failed to make good on his promise to send a traitor to jail , who should have never been allowed to run for president. Who is delusional? Not me. Welcome to the new and improved police state. You think the last administration was bad. This is the Hail Mary of them all. I pray God protect us somehow from further painted poisoned soil, water, air and missiles that are now pointed at us and our allies. The few regulations that were being enforced will be gone. I hope you like paying high prices for bottled water because tap water will no longer be fit to drink. Like earthquakes and the smell of petroleum in your back yard? Do you own your own home? Bet you didn’t know you likely do not own the mineral rights in the ground beneath it. Any oil company that decides you have a petrol product they want on your property can come claim it, even if they have to drill diagonally to get it or utilize Eminent Domain. That’s just business. Live in the West? You don’t own the water on your property either. In some places even collecting rain water is illegal. These are not completely government laws, but corporate greed motivated issues. These are the kinds of “regulations” you need to fight, not the ones that protect animals, plants, environments, water, air, soil, and human life.
        I am currently ill with a nasty sinus infection I likely picked up from visiting my husband in the hospital or from some other passenger on the plane back from Japan so I likely will not respond to further comments. I hope you understand. I’m not afraid of a debate, just have little energy to spare. Best wishes to you all.

        • Who ever said anything about nuclear bombs? They are an atrocity as are chemical, and biological weapons.

          *I* brought up the issue of nuclear bomb testing because *YOU* seem to think environmental regulation should be a function of government, the very same government that is responsible for testing the bombs upwind* of the American population.

          Your faith and belief in government is totally misplaced. Government cares not a fig for thee or me.

          * Definition of upwind. : in the direction from which the wind is blowing.

        • You also seem to have a mixed understanding about the relationship between governments and corporations.

          Consider this:

          Each and every Corporation in the world is LICENSED by some government, somewhere and CONTROLLED by that government’s REGULATIONS. Corporations WILL DO what their government masters dictate–or else they will cease to exist!

          But this is a double-edged sword. Corporations, especially the wealthier ones, can and do bribe government agents to create regulations masquerading as “laws” that stifle and inhibit competition. Government agents are fully aware of the personal financial gains (bribes) possible and embrace this system. 

          In the 20th Century, this form of government was known as fascism. The 21st Century name is Crony-corporatism.

          More details are available in this article:
          Capitalism is ECONOMICS, not government!

  4. Ban the EPA, we know that Nixon created them as cover for his pledging public lands as security to countries that bought our bonds.


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